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Keyword Search

Finding products and services in the Ultimate Sales Training Guide is easy using the keyword search.

1.) From the front page of the Ultimate Sales Training Guide, locate the "Search" cell window usually found in the upper center of the guide. You'll see the words "Enter a search term" in the cell.
2.) Now type in a word, several words, or a phrase that describes what you are looking for.
3.) For other options relating to search terms, such as "All of the Words" or "Company Name," select "Advanced Search" and then choose the search type.

For instance, if you are looking for a copier company:
• Type "copiers" into the search cell window.
• Then hit the "Find It" button on the right side, or simply hit enter on your keyboard.
• If you prefer to only search for suppliers who have a special affiliation to an association, after selecting "Advanced Search," select one of the check boxes that filters the results to show only association members or other available designations.

To further focus your keyword search by looking for companies within a certain distance from your location:
• Under "Advanced Search," select your state
• Enter your city or zip code
• Then select how close you need the business to be by choosing the number of miles

Category Search

The Ultimate Sales Training Guide offers users a convenient alphabetized category and heading search that makes finding suppliers simple and fast.

For example, if you were looking for an Electronic Publisher:

1.) First, look under "Publishing"
2.) Then scan the heading list for Electronic Publishing. Then click.
3.) This will take you to a results page filled with companies involved in that industry.
4.) Select a company you are interested in and click on "Company Profile" to access a company listing page that features:
• Complete contact information
• A direct link to the company Web site from either the Web address shown, or their logo on the left hand side
• A full company description
• Ability to send an Email directly to the company contact

Request for Information

The Ultimate Sales Training Guide offers a very helpful Request for Information or "RFI feature" that allows you to quickly contact participating suppliers to obtain more detailed information for specific projects.

To use it:

1.) Once you find companies that you would like to request information from, click on the check box next to the "RFI" text in the lower right hand corner of the listing. This will automatically add the company to the list.

2.) Click on the Tools option in the navigation at the top of the page, then click on RFI Tool

3.) Next, fill in the blanks with your contact information and the specifications for the project you have in mind.

4.) You can request information from as many companies as you wish. Try to be as specific as possible when describing the information you need.

You also have the ability to attach a document or file of up to 2 megabytes in size to help clarify your request. If you have more than one project in mind, you can submit each request separately. Just replace the project needs and specifications and select another company.

Adding Desktop Search to your Computer

The Ultimate Sales Training Guide is easily accessed from the association Web site, and offers you a fantastic way to access industry related products and services. But did you know that you can search the directory directly from your own laptop or home computer?

All you need to do is download the Desktop Search feature which is located under the “Tools” drop-down in the top right-hand corner of the guide's front page. The Desktop Search application is a small, noninvasive, moveable search window that lives on your computer desktop.

Easily removable at any time, the Desktop Search window has no spyware or adware involved. The download is quick and after the easy installation, you are always just a click away from the richest industry supplier database in the world.

To download yours, follow the written instructions on the page:

1.) Click on either the words "Get Started Now", the search window itself, or the words "Download Setup" – the download should start automatically and prompt you through the steps.
2.) If you are prompted to Run or Save the program, choose "Run".
3.) When presented with a security warning, again, choose "Run" to install.

Note: Industry professionals using Mozilla's Firefox Web browser to search the online buyer's guide can now incorporate the guide's search engine into their browser's tool bar easily. They simply have to click a button in the upper right corner of the screen and follow the straightforward prompts. This makes the guide accessible anytime the Firefox browser is open, regardless of what Web site the user may be visiting.

Banner Advertising on the Ultimate Sales Training Guide

Banner advertising in the Ultimate Sales Training Guide offers both suppliers and directory users unique opportunities to connect. They are located at the top and bottom of the front search page and the top and bottom of each result page.

Strategically located within the guide, banners give a company maximum exposure to professionals searching for products and services.

Often animated to communicate a more dynamic and complete message, the banner features an automatic hyperlink that instantly transports the user directly to the company web site where they can browse for information and resources. All it takes is one click.

Banners rotate and are limited in number to ensure they remain effective for each advertiser.

If you'd like to purchase a banner for your company, call customer service at 972-402-7025 to determine availability.

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